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About Transfact

Transfact is an IT Company in the area of production planning and controlling offering both: consulting services and a customizable software system. It was founded in 2001 by Heiko Martin and after a few years it became a partnership (GbR) in Germany. Transfact worked initially in the semiconductor industry and around 2003 started to work in the mechanical engineering industry too. Around this time Ulrik Hoffmann joined the Transfact team, initially as a freelancer and later as partner. Since 2008 Transfact is a limited company (GmbH) and counts with twelve employees (in 2012).

The name "Transfact" stands for "Transparent Factory", our main goal when offer our services and products to our customers: a transparent view of your factory. Because to achieve a succesful production planning and control, you need to have a clear view of your production processes, as comprehensive and detailed as possible.

For this purpose Tranfact offers its modular and individually customizable software the Transfact System, as well as standard tools like Excel or MS Query, to be able to take fast action on the individual problems and challenges of each of our customers. The decision of what is best solution to put in place is made through a short assessment we do with you, in which we quickly obtain an overview of the production, the processes and the existing software.

Here, we make use of our years of experience: We do not need to spend long hours in the understanding and explanation on the basics of your production processes or your main concerns, our experience allows us to quickly understand what you really need and exactly what you are looking for. In the short term, we propose possible solutions and improvement plans, which are almost always successfully implemented in a short time. In the long run, we implement our Web-based software, which offers much more than just production planning.

In some companies, the Transfact System can offer a complete view of the production processes, starting with the reception of an order in our CRM module, passing through general planning, detailled planning, production engineering, production detailed follow-up and measurement data collection (SPC), until warehouse management.

The System can also be smartly integrated with the existing software, like for example your ERP system, this way you won't need to enter redundant information in multiple systems. In addition, the application is completely web-based, so that either from an iPhone, industrial-PC, workstations, thin-clients or any hardware can generally fully operate the system without any installation.

Transfact's professional services and products allow us to offer you efficient solutions and excellent improvement possibilities that will always be carefully adapted to your company's requirements.