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Energie Explorer (EDE)

Energy data – collection and analysis


The Transfact Energy Explorer has been developed based on results of the research projects e-PPS, RENProV and PREmdeK by the Hochschule Emden. The faculty “Technical Management” and the development team of Transfact GmbH have been creating a new software module based on scientific research since 2010.


Goals of the Energy Explorer

  • Collection of energy profiles for use in the E-PPS
  • Reporting system for energy consumption in the company
  • Allocation of energy costs to manufactured products

Function overview

The energy data evaluation is available, after capturing the energy consumption by appropriate measurement systems and transmitting the data to a web server. These web servers can either be local or hosted by Transfact GmbH.


  • Collection, processing and storage of raw data (supply / consumption) by commercially available power meters
  • Safe data transfer over the internet
  • Web-based visualization of energy consumption (e.g. electricity, gas, water, heat)
  • Web-based visualization of energy production (renewable energy sources)
  • Load studies
  • Determining energy costs by reference to energy contracts
  • Analyze energy bills broken down on buildings, cost centers, production areas, equipment, etc.
    • Periods of consideration can be selected freely
    • Time intervals of consideration be selected freely
    • Export collected data into various formats
  • Long-term evaluations
  • Comparisons of average consumption
  • Determination of CO2 emissions

Webportal Energy-Explorer

Here is the Transfact Energy-Explorer: Webportal Energy-Explorer (Login)