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Energy Explorer (EDE)

Energy data – collection and analysis


With you we will develop a concept for electric meters based on allocation of measuring systems to properties or electric loads. After successfully configuring the data transfer and the implementation of the concept including energy contracts, the evaluations can be accessed in the Energy Explorer.


For data transfer

  • Measuring systems (pulse or energy meters), which can store and transmit the recorded consumption
  • An internet connection with sufficient bandwidth, depending data transmission (number of measuring systems, measuring frequency)
  • Allocation of measuring instruments to organizational units in the company

For data analysis

  • Up to date internet browser
  • Login to the Transfact Energy Explorer

Goals of data analysis

  • Understanding of the energy consumption
  • Reduce energy costs by a balanced power consumption
  • Determining energy consumption depending on every day or weekdays usage by long-term evaluations
  • Export energy profiles of process-dependent consumption
  • Allocation of energy profiles to routing steps
  • Integration of energy costs in the overall production costs

Measuring setup (example)

Acquisition and transmission of energy meter readings from several production lines of a medium-sized business

  • Energy meter at consumer load: UMG 96S (Janitza electronics GmbH)
  • Digital transmission of energy meter readings via the intranet to a central PC
  • Hourly transmission of energy meter readings from the PC to Transfact WEB portal
  • Calculation of energy consumption based on transmitted energy meter readings
  • Saving the calculated values in an Oracle database
  • Online evaluation of energy consumption of all measuring points or an individual consumer load (every minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes)

Transmission to the E-PPS

Goal: Savings in energy costs by avoiding peak loads

  • The specific selection of interesting periods is possible
  • The allocation of events to effects is possible (e.g. by consulting manufacturing protocols)
  • Extreme energy consumptions can be avoided, if the acquired knowledge is used in the process control


Circuit diagram

  • Measuring energy consumptions at the main power supply


Webportal Energy-Explorer

Here is the Transfact Energy-Explorer: Webportal Energy-Explorer (Login)